Hobo was founded in 1991, in Annapolis

Maryland on Toni Ray’s dining room table.


For years, Toni created unique handcrafted

leather accessories for an iconic Washington,

DC store.  In order to launch her own brand,

She cashed in her life-savings and headed to

New York with her daughter Koren Ray and

Future son-in-law, David Brewer, to present

the very first Hobo hand bag collection.


Over 23 years later, Hobo has come a long way

from the dining room table.  However, the

brand’s original design philosophy prevails;

quality and cool never go out of style.  Koren

Ray’s passion for creating stylish, yet

Purposeful, women’s leather accessories,

Remains the driving force behind the Hobo

Brand today.


hobo international handbags

The design in CYDWOQ is based on an architectural approach of modifying and creating new constructions while using a handmade process to create shoes that are timeless as well as unique. Influences in the designs come from nature (in terms of shapes used and natural finishes), architecture, automobile design (in creating lines that complement the shape of the foot) as well as old films (in terms of materials used as well as modifying classic shapes).

We dress people, not bodies


At the young age of 20 Thomas Meyer, originally from Switzerland, envisaged a future in which people dressed in a different way, in clothes that helped generate positive feelings, affordable to all. And out of this dream Desigual was first born in 1984.


Ever since, it has emanated positivism, commitment, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation and fun. Because, as our first slogan claimed, Desigual is not the same.

Desigual women clothing

In Chinese Folklore Level 99 is a highly enlightened state of mind – the closest thing to heaven on earth.


Our story began in 2004 with a mission to create the perfect fitting women’s jean. Through countless hours of research and development we relentlessly pursue this mission and continuously strive to lead the evolution of modern denim.


Level 99® begins and ends with our design – creating archetypal styles and using industry leading innovations, we are synonymous with an amazing fits and trends forging designs. Coupled with our unparalleled quality and love of subtle detailing, every Level 99 style has an innate femininity- transforming every woman making her look and feel beautiful, elegant and sexy. Level 99 embodies the spirit of the modern woman who knows that feeling beautiful inside and out should be simply… effortless.



levell 99 jeans

Ronen Chen is one of Israel’s leading fashion designers for women’s clothing. He has successfully built 20 years of experience in the fashion industry in both retail and wholesale.  Ronen Chen proposes a Minimalist and sophisticated label inspired by his love for architecture.


His clothes are clean and understated, while being fashionable and wearable. Ronen tends to work with monochrome and neutral colors with geometrical patterns and shapes, complementing a woman’s shape and style.


When designing fashion for women, Ronen doesn’t start by sketching on paper, he drapes fabric over a mannequin in his studio and lets the fabric lead him. The clothes emerge organically and when the design is ready, it’s worn by one of his studio employees to ensure that the style is comfortable, as well as stylish and flattering.

ronen chen women clothing
lilla p logo

We Believe in Miracles!


We believe you can change your outlook simply by changing your outfit. We believe that light-hearted laughter is the best way to burn calories. We believe your clothing can fit you so perfectly it becomes an extension of your true personality. By incorporating shaping innovation into every one of our designs, Miraclebody fits both your lifestyle and your unique shape. Crafted in premium super-stretch fabrics, our jeans retain their shape and keep you looking flawless without sacrificing comfort; and each pair features a patented tummy-flattening panel. Our tops make current trends fresh and flattering with a torso slimming inner liner to perfect your figure. We believe in miracles...and we're making new believers every day!

miraclebody jeans

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